Strategic Thinker.
Change Agent.

Julie Huls helps smart cities and their business leaders power institutional change fueled by technology and innovation.

Work With Us
Julie is a true transformational leader whose vision and dedication has been instrumental in growing the Austin tech community into what it is today.
- Manoj Saxena, Venture Capitalist
Julie Huls is a force of nature bringing the power of insight and collaboration necessary to take innovation economies forward.
- Susanne Bowen, CEO, SaaS Advisor, Board Director

Preparing up-and-coming markets for the next wave of economic growth is a process that The Huls Group can enter at any stage. We bring insight and experience from other markets and act as internal agents of change in a confidential or transparent setting to provide:

The Big Picture Matters

Julie understands first hand that economic transformation is a process. Her unique experience makes her a natural leader for cities seeking to reframe how their economy is perceived. Through demonstrating the existing role of technology and quantifying the opportunity for growth, The Huls Group works to organize public and private interests to orient the region towards success.

As a key organizer and leader in the transformation that lead to the explosive growth of Austin’s tech economy, Julie Huls helped develop strategies that can guide a city beyond its traditional business model to become a powerhouse economy intent on growth, success and transformation.

Why Now

No two cities are the same. Changing the perception of a city from its established identity into a thriving destination for technology business and innovation is daunting for even the most seasoned business and civic leaders. But as technology continues to remake the world and its economies, positioning your city as a knowledge hub is a crucial first step on the road to success. The skill set required to navigate these adaptions requires a rare combination of leadership, knowledge and experience that only The Huls Group can bring to the table.

Changing the Status Quo

In any market, success requires strategic action and astute business leaders willing to make tough decisions. Julie Huls acted as an anchor for Austin’s regional development, rallying and uniting disparate institutions and stakeholders. Her business prowess and keen awareness of Austin’s changing landscape helped to align assets within the three most important categories in a tech-ecosystem: talent, capital and culture; the result of which is a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem.

The Huls Group works with leaders around the country who seek to turn their cities into regional innovation driven economies. We work with private enterprise leaders from traditional industries, economic development organizations, and technology companies looking to implement change at a faster pace than government will allow.

We mobilize business councils and associations aiming to drive market or regional cooperation and coach leaders on how to effectively serve as the voice of business for growth.

We implement proven strategies that position cities at the forefront of the innovation economy, bringing growth in knowledge based jobs and ultimately, greater prosperity for all.

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